Bare Foot Turkey Dinner Disaster

There is nothing like cooking a turkey for thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. It takes 24 hours to defrost, 8 hours to brine, 12 hours to cook. If done right it, it could be one of the best meals you can have. Served with stuffing and incredible sides.

Credit: Tiktok @betch

This lady clearly fumbled late in the 4th quarter! Not only was dinner ruined she probably had burns all over her feet. This is the main reason you never cook with bare feet! I bet they ordered Chinese food!

Wannabe Rapper Video Shoot Gone Bad

It has to be tough to be a rapper coming up in 2019. You have to do stuff on “the gram” to stand out, look hardcore, get street cred, show you’re “about that life”

Doing a rap video, on your friends convertible window, while the car is moving, with a big gold chain on seems like a great idea!

This wanna be rapper clearly lacks any athletic ability & balance. He now owes his friend about $1,000 or more on a new window. I hope he blows up quick to replace that window!

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