Bugga McFarland Calls for Jay Gruden’s Job 5 Times on Monday Night Football.

On Monday night football former NFL d-lineman and current Monday Night Football analyst Anthony “Bugga” McFarland called for the firing of Redskins head coach Jay Gruden 5 times during the broadcast.

Bugga McFarland

McFarland, who averaged 2.2 sacks per year over his 9 year career in the NFL & has called One Redskins game in his career, which came last night. He is now calling for the firing of Redskins coach Jay Gruden.

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Jay Gruden

This takes a giant set of balls for one man, who’s job is to break down the in play action to the audience to take another mans livelihood away. Instead, with the entire league watching Bugga calls for the head of Gruden 5 times during the broadcast. Each time Trying to bait Tess into agreeing or piling on. Tess stayed silent because it’s his job to call the game not host sports talk radio. Then Bugga took to the post game show to spend 60 seconds to plead his case to fire Gruden on Sports Center with SVP.

Watch for yourself.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but McFarland is a straight Jerk Off for doing this during the broadcast. I can’t recall Collinsworth or Madden ever doing that, not on the leagues biggest stage! Snot McFarland did it over and over and went with the knockout punch on the post game.

I am not here to Fight Jay Grudens battles, however the leagues best left tackle Trent Williams is not with the team, Alex Smith broke his leg, now they have Case Keenum running the team and drafted a project QB for the future. Their biggest faces are a 57 year old Adrian Peterson & DL Kerrigan! Are you kidding me? McFarland didn’t mention the solid comeback the Redskins had mounted in the 2nd half until they were about to back door the cover. Hummmm… Gruden got those boys to keep fighting, they’ve fought hard in every game this season. Maybe they just don’t have the talent to compete with the best defense in football, but we shouldn’t expect a former “player” to think that way.

McFarland is trash, Give us Tony Romo & make Monday Night Football Great Again

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