Did Marco D’Angelo Just Challenge Vegas Dave to a Fight?

Did WagerTalks’ Marco D’Angelo Just Challenge Vegas Dave to a Fight?

After Showtime premiered their 4 part series “Action” on March 24th WagerTalks’ Marco D’Angelo AKA Sports Unlimited had one of the shows stars in studio, Kelley in Vegas. Shes a pretty hot, one of the guys, sports handicapper that showtime trailed during football season.  During the near 10 minute interview Marco calls himself & Kelley the “Good” of the sportsbetting industry while calling Vegas Dave “The Bad” – Even though both men sell sports picks, Marco considers himself a good guy & Dave a bad guy. Ironic, because Marco is asking people to pay him $1,999.99 for 365 days of service. On My consensus report we Had Marco 5-15 (25%) -1150 units in just the first month of college football premium plays.

Watch below as D’angelo calls Vegas Dave a Fraud and Challenges him to a fight! D’Angelo looks like he’s in his late 50’s while Vegas Dave is in his 40’s & in good shape. D’Angelo has to know this would not be a good bet!

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Marco D’Angelo went on to say that Vegas Dave’s “Parents are Rich” –  I know a lot of  people who have rich parents, the feed off them & do nothing on their own. So in Fact even if his parents are rich, he has been able to increase the family wealth! A jealous statement made by D’Angelo for sure. Marco in Vegas also criticized Vegas Dave for make several future bets, not just one ticket. I don’t care if he bet one team or 6 teams, he cashed multiple million dollar checks from sportsbooks on futures plays. Has Marco D’Angelo ever stood in front of cameras in a William Hill Sportsbook holding a Million Dollar Check? No, Has he ever posted a ticket of his personal bets? I don’t think so. Marco called out Dave for not posting his legit futures tickets early. D’Angelo sells picks for a living, he should know better! Giving away a future early and making it available to the public would be impossible to market and sell to potential clients.

Vegas Dave is a WHALE. He can afford to bet $2,000 on 6 Long Shots to win the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Final Four etc. Because thats what Whales do. They use their large bankrolls to beat the sportsbooks over time. Same can be said for a professional slots player. He will bring a massive bankroll to a progressive jackpot machine and wait it out. Spend $700,000 t0 make $1,500,000. Not everyone has the bankroll or the balls for this type of play, certainly not Marco.

I am not telling you that Vegas Dave is not dangerous, if you don’t have the correct bankroll you can get crushed playing his way. He is using a chase system, a dangerous way to play, but like I previously said, you have to have the balls. I personally would not follow his picks, but of he takes up D’Angelos offer of a fight, I am going all in on Vegas Dave!

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