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Michael Jordan’s Cocaine Circus Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan has been taking some heat over many different things in his ESPN series “The Last Dance”. In the first 2 episodes Jordan described a scene where he was searching a hotel for his teammates, and found them in a room. What a young MJ saw is what we all have seen in life, […]

Sharp Move in Gatorade Color Super Bowl Prop Bet

Late Thursday afternoon we saw a sharp move in the Color of the Gatorade that will be thrown over the winning coaches head. Early Thursday Purple was the longest shot on the board at +1200 at DraftKings. Right around 3 pm est the line took a sharp drop down to +150 The sharp move was […]

Loser Mattress Mack Drops $1 Million on Super Bowl

Big Time Loser Mattress Mack, who took a huge loss on the Astros in the World Series and then followed that up with another big game loser on Titans in the AFC Championship. The furniture salesman from Texas is back with another Donation of $1,000,000 in the super bowl on the 49ers! The pressure is […]

Super Bowl $250 Cash Give-Away Contest

Vic Monte Super Bowl Sunday $250 Cash Give Away Contest The Rules for the free Super bowl give away are simple 1) Must Like and Share the Original Post and FOLLOW VIC MONTE SPORTS 2) In the Comments section of the original post, you Must Pick the Winner of the Super Bowl plus the Combined […]

Bare Foot Turkey Dinner Disaster

There is nothing like cooking a turkey for thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. It takes 24 hours to defrost, 8 hours to brine, 12 hours to cook. If done right it, it could be one of the best meals you can have. Served with stuffing and incredible sides. Credit: Tiktok @betch This lady clearly fumbled late […]

Wannabe Rapper Video Shoot Gone Bad

It has to be tough to be a rapper coming up in 2019. You have to do stuff on “the gram” to stand out, look hardcore, get street cred, show you’re “about that life” Doing a rap video, on your friends convertible window, while the car is moving, with a big gold chain on seems […]

Vic Monte – 2019 Breeders Cup

Vic Monte 2019 Breeders Cup Selections The Best Day of Horse Racing is Here, The Breeders Cup Races are Not Only the BEST RACES of the Year, They Return Some of the Biggest Payoffs You Will See at Any Race Track. I Have Had Incredible Success in the Breeders Cup Races Over the Last 5 […]

Vic Monte Free Pick Report

Thursday, September 5th Handicapper Selection Record Streak VIC MONTE 0-0 (100%) W0 DON C Brewers +110 0-0 (100%) W0 DR MARIO 0-0 (100%) W0 TONY ESPO 0-0 (100%) W0 SILVER FOX 0-0 (100%) W0

2019 MLB Consensus Report

NOTES: No Baseball Today – Main Focus is on College Football       Service Name            Selections Documented Records ADAM THOMPSON (Top Plays)   (MLB 56-43) AJ APOLLO (3* – 5*)   (MLB 71-68) BANKERS SPORTSWIRE (300* – 500*)   (MLB 60-32) BIG MONEY (TOP PLAYS)   (MLB 50-43) BOBBY CASH (5* – 20*) […]