Vic Monte Sports – Wednesday College Basketball

Arizona State +3.5 vs Mississippi State

Blog Picks (16-16-1) (2 Wins in a Row) (CBB 2-0)


An argument can be compellingly made that Arizona State should hold a slight advantage in this upcoming neutral-site game scheduled for Wednesday in Chicago. My power numbers indeed suggest that Arizona State could be considered a modest favorite in this matchup.

Mississippi State, the better team when operating at full capacity, faces some significant setbacks heading into this game. Notably, their star player, All-SEC first-team selection Tolu Smith, is set to make his appearance when conference play kicks off. Furthermore, the Bulldogs will be without the services of forward KeShawn Murphy due to injury, and Shakeel Moore, who is recognized on the Naismith Defensive Player of the Year Watch List, will be absent for the first two games due to suspension related to a team rule violation.

On the other hand, Arizona State’s track record under the guidance of Bobby Hurley is worth noting, as they have achieved seven consecutive victories in season openers. Bobby Hurley, a former Duke guard, brings a wealth of experience from his time under the tutelage of legendary coaches like Mike Krzyzewski, who was taught by the late great Bobby Knight.

Arizona State has also bolstered their ranks with a promising class of transfers, underscoring their determination to secure a spot in the NCAA tournament once more. All this positions Arizona State as a formidable contender and could pull off an upset. I will settle with taking the 3.5 points!

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Vic Monte Sports – Tuesday College Basketball Winner

Baylor +1.5 vs. Auburn

Blog Picks (15-16-1) (1 Win in a Row)

Baylor is undergoing a significant transformation this season, retaining just one starter from the previous year. However, they’ve bolstered their roster with a promising influx of talent, primarily through the transfer portal, and have also secured a highly touted recruiting class headlined by Top 10 prospect Ja’Kobe Walter. The return of Langston Love, Jalen Bridges, and Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua provides valuable experience and continuity.

In addition to their existing assets, the Bears made an impactful acquisition in the form of RayJ Dennis, a transfer from Toledo who was the second-highest scorer in the MAC last season, averaging an impressive 19.5 points per game. This infusion of talent and depth positions Baylor as a formidable force to be reckoned with.

As for the Auburn Tigers, they face some uncertainties with their two top returning players, Aden Holloway and Johni Broome, nursing minor injuries as the season begins. Nevertheless, both are expected to take the court and contribute to the team. The Tigers, however, had to bid farewell to their two standout guards, Wendell Green Jr. and Allen Flanigan, leaving a void in their lineup.

Given the circumstances, the opportunity to bet on Baylor, especially getting 1.5-points, feels like an enticing proposition, even on a neutral court. The Bears’ blend of seasoned returnees and promising newcomers positions them favorably in this matchup.


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Vic Monte Sports – College Basketball Opening Night

Middle Tennessee State -4.5 vs. Northern Kentucky

Blog Picks (14-16-1) (7 Losses in a Row)


Middle Tennessee boasts one of the most formidable homecourt advantages in the nation, with a remarkable 29-2 record in their last 31 games played on their own turf. During this impressive run, they have consistently stifled opponents, allowing an average of just 59.6 points per game in regular regulation.

The Blue Raiders have cemented their position as a force to be reckoned with in the Conference USA, where they were tied with Liberty for the top spot in the CUSA Preseason Poll. This strong showing is reinforced by the inclusion of Camryn Weston and Elias King on the Preseason All-CUSA Team, underscoring their key roles within the squad.

On the other side, Northern Kentucky University (NKU) exhibited notable strength in the previous season and shows promise for the future. However, Coach Darrin Horn faces the challenging task of replacing key contributors in rebounds, assists, and blocked shots from the 2022-2023 campaign. This transition, while demanding, sets the stage for an intriguing season as NKU looks to fill the void left by their departed leaders.

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Vic Monte Sports – Wednesday NBA Prop Play

Jordan Poole (WAS) OVER 23.5 Points

Blog Picks (14-14-1) (5 Losses in a Row)

Jordan Poole’s arrival on the youthful Wizards roster comes in the aftermath of the Bradley Beal era, and it appears that he’s been handed the keys to the offense with a green light to let his scoring prowess shine. Although the previous season may have fallen short of expectations for the team as a whole, Poole’s individual talent as a scorer remains undeniable. Even during what some might consider a “down year,” he managed to maintain an impressive 20 points per game average, with certain stretches where he ascended to near 30 points per game while operating as a starter.

This particular matchup presents a promising opportunity for Poole. The Hawks, despite their offensive firepower, don’t boast a particularly strong defensive game and find themselves ranking in the top 10 in terms of pace of play. This sets the stage for Poole to seize the moment and potentially have a standout performance on the offensive end of the court. Keep a keen eye on him; he could be in for a remarkable night of scoring.


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Vic Monte Sports – Tuesday NBA Play

Orlando Magic +6.5 @ Los Angeles Clippers

Blog Picks (14-13-1) (4 Losses in a Row)


After witnessing the thrilling Magic game last night and being hit with the late-night Woj Bomb announcing the James Harden trade, I find it impossible to overlook the significant repercussions. The Clippers, who were already grappling with various injury concerns, have made a bold move by trading away some of their valuable depth to acquire James Harden and PJ Tucker. Ironically, neither of these star players will be available for tonight’s matchup.

This decision leaves the Clippers in a precarious situation, as they will have to face the Magic, who put up a valiant effort against the Lakers in a hard-fought game the previous night. However, there is a silver lining for the Magic, as they get to enjoy the convenience of staying in the same venue for a back-to-back game. Given these rather unusual circumstances, the point spread for this game appears to be too low to ignore.

I was completely engrossed in watching every single minute of last night’s Magic vs. Lakers showdown on NBA TV. The Orlando team demonstrated remarkable depth, skill, and determination, even in the face of a heartbreaking loss to the Lakers. This loss seems to have left the Magic players frustrated and hungry for redemption.

I anticipate a resolute and spirited performance from the Magic tonight as they look to channel their frustrations into a dominant showing against a Clippers squad that is severely undermanned!

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Vic Monte Sports – Monday NBA Play

Detroit Pistons +6 @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Blog Picks (14-12-1) (3 Losses in a Row)


Thunder got smoked last night by the Nuggets. I always look for teams coming off bad games, however this current Detroit Pistons team has caught my eye! Pistons are 3-0 ATS, hanging tough with the eastern conference champs the Miami Heat and crushing the Hornets.

The Thunder have struggled with big men down low to open the season. Tonight they will have to deal with the 6-11, 220 lbs rookie center from Philly Jalen Duren. The Rookie out of Memphis U is averaging 18.5 PPG and 15.3 Rebounds per game.

This Pistons team is young, talented and working hard. They’re catching the Thunder off back to back games and getting 6 points makes this an easy choice for me! Pistons +6


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Vic Monte Sports – Friday Night NBA Prop Play

Cade Cunnungham (DET) OVER 23.5 Points

Blog Picks (14-9-1) (1 Win in a Row)

Cade Cunningham, a talented 6′ 7″, 220-pound guard hailing from Oklahoma State, who earned the prestigious first overall pick in the 2021 draft. Many may remember him as a standout player during his high school days at Bowie High School in Arlington.

However, last season posed a significant challenge for Cunningham, as he played only 12 games due to a stress fracture in his leg, which required surgery. It was undoubtedly a tough period, but fast forward to the season opener, and Cunningham left a resounding impression. He displayed not only his trademark quickness but also a remarkable level of fitness and health. In that game, he made a significant impact by contributing 30 of his team’s 102 total points.

What’s even more noteworthy is the versatility of Cunningham’s performance. He demonstrated an ability to drive to the rim with finesse, as well as showcasing his proficiency in sinking midrange jumpers and knocking down four three-pointers. It’s a testament to his all-around game.

Adding another layer to the narrative, with Bojan Bogdanovic, who averaged an impressive 21.6 points per game last season, sidelined, the scoring load is squarely on Cunningham’s shoulders. It’s a responsibility he seems ready to embrace and excel in.

So, when assessing the upcoming games, Cade Cunningham’s resurgence isn’t just a story of talent; it’s also one of determination and resilience. He’s poised to be a driving force in his team’s offensive efforts tonight! I have him surpassing 23.5 points tonight!


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Vic Monte Sports – Thursday NBA Prop Play

Anthony Davis (LAL) OVER 23.5 Points

Blog Picks (13-9-1) (1 Loss in a Row)

In this game, it’s a prime opportunity for AD to bounce back. In the previous match against Denver, he showcased flashes of brilliance in the first half but took a noticeable dip in the second half, ultimately tallying just 17 points while shooting 6-for-17. It’s clear that he needs to recognize his role as the Lakers’ primary offensive force right now, especially with LeBron James carefully managing his early-season minutes.

Speaking of Tuesday’s season opener in Denver, Anthony Davis faced some struggles in the second half, failing to make a single field goal out of six attempts and concluding the game. However, this somewhat underwhelming performance has now presented us with an opportunity in the upcoming game – a comparatively more favorable matchup awaits.

When AD faces off against Jusuf Nurkic and Drew Eubanks, he’s likely to find himself in a position to create some fantastic scoring opportunities. Furthermore, he’s expected to be the primary offensive catalyst for the Lakers once again. So, if you’re considering the value in this game, it’s worth noting that the odds seem to be tilting in AD’s favor, with the potential for a strong bounce-back performance on the horizon.

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Vic Monte Sports – Wednesday NBA Prop Play

Victor Wembanyama (SAS) OVER 24.5 Points + Rebounds

Blog Picks (13-8-1) (3 Wins in a Row)


Let’s dive deep into this and have some fun with Victor Wembanyama in his inaugural game. This young phenom has set the preseason on fire, averaging an impressive 19.3 points and 4.8 rebounds while playing just 21 minutes per game. Those numbers are nothing short of spectacular, considering the limited time on the court.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Dallas Mavericks. They’re planning to debut a rookie of their own, Dereck Lively II, at center. But when we look at the options behind him, names like Dwight Powell, Richaun Holmes, and Maxi Kleber don’t exactly scream dominance. In fact, it’s fair to say that the Mavericks had some rather underwhelming choices for the center position.

To add a little more context, let’s talk about last year. The Mavericks ranked dead last in the NBA in rebounding. It’s like they were the leaky bucket of the league, struggling to secure possessions off the glass.

So, when we circle back to Wembanyama, there’s a mouthwatering potential for him to feast on the boards right from the get-go. The matchup, especially in terms of rebounding, seems to be leaning in his favor. With his preseason performance as a glimpse into his capabilities, it’s a tantalizing prospect to see him make an immediate impact. Keep your eyes peeled for Wembanyama’s first game – it might just be the start of something special in the making.

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Vic Monte Sports – Tuesday NHL Totals

UNDER 6.5 Rangers/Flames

Blog Picks (12-8-1) (2 Wins in a Row)


Let’s break it down. Calgary hasn’t exactly been a scoring juggernaut recently, managing to surpass the three-goal mark just once in their last five games. It’s been a bit of a dry spell for them on the offensive front.

Now, let’s talk about Jacob Markstrom, Calgary’s goaltender. When he’s faced the Rangers in his last seven starts, he’s been an absolute beast with a remarkable 6-0-1 record, a stunning .941 save percentage, and a jaw-dropping 1.71 goals-against average. It’s like he’s got a magic forcefield in front of the net.

On the flip side, New York hasn’t been setting the world on fire in the scoring department either. In four of their five games this season, there have been six or fewer goals scored. And that’s despite a somewhat average start from their goaltender, Igor Shesterkin. But I’ve got a hunch that Shesterkin is going to raise his game tonight.

So, when you’re sizing up this game, it’s not just a hunch or a gut feeling; it’s based on cold, hard stats. Expect a low-scoring battle, and keep an eye on Markstrom’s incredible record against the Rangers. It’s a game that’s shaping up to be a goaltending duel, and you might just see Shesterkin step up to the plate in a big way. Get ready for a tight one!

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