Vic Monte Sports – Tuesday NBA Play

Orlando Magic +6.5 @ Los Angeles Clippers

Blog Picks (14-13-1) (4 Losses in a Row)


After witnessing the thrilling Magic game last night and being hit with the late-night Woj Bomb announcing the James Harden trade, I find it impossible to overlook the significant repercussions. The Clippers, who were already grappling with various injury concerns, have made a bold move by trading away some of their valuable depth to acquire James Harden and PJ Tucker. Ironically, neither of these star players will be available for tonight’s matchup.

This decision leaves the Clippers in a precarious situation, as they will have to face the Magic, who put up a valiant effort against the Lakers in a hard-fought game the previous night. However, there is a silver lining for the Magic, as they get to enjoy the convenience of staying in the same venue for a back-to-back game. Given these rather unusual circumstances, the point spread for this game appears to be too low to ignore.

I was completely engrossed in watching every single minute of last night’s Magic vs. Lakers showdown on NBA TV. The Orlando team demonstrated remarkable depth, skill, and determination, even in the face of a heartbreaking loss to the Lakers. This loss seems to have left the Magic players frustrated and hungry for redemption.

I anticipate a resolute and spirited performance from the Magic tonight as they look to channel their frustrations into a dominant showing against a Clippers squad that is severely undermanned!

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