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Mac Jones (NE) OVER 4.5 Rushing Yards


Blog Picks (10-8-1) (1 Loss in a Row)

Let’s talk about Mac Jones and his rushing yards. It’s a bit of a hot seat situation, you know? Quarterbacks on the edge often want to prove they’re ready to give it all for their team. Last week, we saw Derek Carr put up 14 rushing yards when he needed to step up.

Now, when I look at my projections, I’ve got Jones pegged for about 9 yards on the ground. That makes sense, considering he’s been averaging over 8 rushing yards for the season and an impressive 10.6 at home. Plus, here’s the interesting bit – he’s got a 4-1 track record of going over this mark against Buffalo.

But there’s a twist to the tale. Buffalo’s pass rush is no joke; they’re tied for the league lead in sacks. That means they’re going to chase Jones out of the pocket multiple times. And when that happens, it’s likely he’ll take off running.

So, when you’re eyeing this bet, it’s not just a hunch. It’s backed by numbers, patterns, and the reality that Jones is in the hot seat and will do whatever it takes to save is job! He might just surprise us with his legs in this game.