Vic Monte Sports – Wednesday NHL Winner

Calgary Flames -130 vs. Winnipeg Jets

Blog Picks (4-3-1)

The Flames are packing some serious skill in their roster. It’s almost mind-boggling how they missed the playoffs last year when they were blasting shots like there’s no tomorrow – ranking second in shots for, third in shots against, and second in shot differential. But this season, they’ve got a fire burning within. Enter their new head honcho, Ryan Huska. He’s like the secret sauce that’s been missing from their recipe.

I’ve got a hunch that the Flames are going to kick off the season with a bang, and that “W” column is about to get its first checkmark.

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Vic Monte Sports – NHL Opening Night Pick

Seattle Kraken +138 @Vegas Golden Knights

Blog Picks (4-2-1)

Vegas partied hard all summer after winning the Stanley Cup, and now it’s time to buckle down. They’re kicking off the season against a division rival, and the odds are a bit on the high side. But keep this in your back pocket, Seattle might not be as sharp this season due to some shaky shooting stats. That said, don’t sleep on them – they’ve got a deep bench, and the return of Andre Burakovsky, their top goal-scorer before his injury, is a game-changer.

Vegas, on the other hand, might be riding a bit too high, especially with a banged-up defense. So, here’s the deal: it’s banner night at T-Mobile Arena, and we know that sometimes, the visiting team, like the Kraken in this case, can throw a wrench in the works. Seattle’s still got a score to settle after missing out on the playoffs last year, and they’ve got a stacked lineup with thirteen players who put up double-digit goals last season. My money’s on the Kraken for this one!

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