Vic Monte Sports – Friday Night NHL Winner

Columbus Blue Jackets +126 vs Calgary Flames

Blog Picks (9-7-1) (3 wins in a Row)

Well, it’s like this, my friend. The Calgary Flames are in the midst of the classic back-to-back scenario – B2B, as they say in the biz. Now, they did manage to squeak out a 4-3 win in Buffalo on Thursday, but let’s face it, that game was faster than a cheetah chasing its morning coffee. So, we’re looking at some potentially tired legs on their part, which is no small matter.

Now, here’s the kicker – they’ve been on the road for four games straight. Four! That’s like living out of a suitcase, and you know how cranky that can make anyone. So, Calgary is kind of like that weary traveler who’s seen one too many airport lounges and is just looking for a comfy bed.

But then we’ve got Columbus. They’ve got a roster that’s got some real talent, but here’s the thing – it all boils down to the man between the pipes. Last year, their goaltending was, well, let’s call it atrocious. It was like trying to catch butterflies with a spaghetti strainer. But hold the phone, this season, Elvis Merzlikins is suddenly playing like a legend. His goals-against average is a jaw-dropping 1.84, and his save percentage is an unbelievable .950 through his first two games in 2023.

And, oh, here’s a nugget for you – their top defenseman, Zach Werenski, is expected to return to the ice after sitting out the past two games. It’s like Columbus is pulling out all the stops, including their big guns.

So, when you’re sizing up this game, there’s a lot at play. Tired Flames, a rejuvenated goaltender, and a star defender back in the mix for Columbus. It’s a real-life drama, my friend, with all the elements of a Hollywood blockbuster. I Will Take My Chances with the Blue Jackets at Plus 126 Odds!