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Taysom Hill (NOS) OVER 10.5 Rushing Yards

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Look, tonight might just be the night when the Saints finally get their act together. Whether it’s Trevor Lawrence or C.J. Beathard calling the shots for Jacksonville, there’s a decent chance the Saints could be in the lead by the second half. And when that happens, guess who’s going to step up to the plate? You got it, Taysom Hill.

Hill’s the man you can count on, no matter how the game unfolds, but especially in the most likely scenario. There’s a reason they’ve invested in him – he’s their secret weapon.

Just to break it down for you, Hill has been running like a freight train, gaining 10 or more yards in pretty much every game, except for that one hiccup last week against Houston. He only had one carry in that game and picked up a measly 2 yards. But here’s the twist – he’s had a bit of downtime, and he’s revved up to take on a hefty workload in this short week.

So, when it comes to having faith in Hill, this game is the one to put your money on. He’s been prepped for this very moment, and my gut tells me he’s going to deliver some Saints magic tonight. Let’s light up a fat joint to that!


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