Sharp Move in Gatorade Color Super Bowl Prop Bet

Late Thursday afternoon we saw a sharp move in the Color of the Gatorade that will be thrown over the winning coaches head. Early Thursday Purple was the longest shot on the board at +1200 at DraftKings. Right around 3 pm est the line took a sharp drop down to +150

The sharp move was due to Twitter rumors saying the NFL was going to honor Kobe Bryant with Purple Gatordate for the traditional bath. That had linesmakers at FanDuel, Pointsbet & Draftkings doing a shuffle and dropped the line from +1200 to +150.

This would not be the first time that someone has tried to leak the color of the Gatorade or it could be complete speculation. In the times we live in now, I would assume it was a leak. Now that this information is well known does the NFL pull the rug on Twitterspehre & Use Yellow Gatorade to Honor Kobe.

At the time of this writing (1/31/2020 – 12:55 pm est) Fanduel is offering Purple at even money while DraftKings will give you +120.

Maybe the leak is correct with the Gatorade Bath being in honor of Late Great Kobe Bryant, but why not Grab Yellow at Plus $375 at DraftKings? Still honors Kobe & Goes against public knowledge. I am sitting this one out, I would not advise anyone to Jump on the Purple Bandwagon! Seems the public is loading up and you know the old saying, pigs get fat hogs gets slaughtered!

Vic Monte

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