Vic Monte Sports – NFL Sunday Prop Pick

Mac Jones (NE) OVER 4.5 Rushing Yards


Blog Picks (10-8-1) (1 Loss in a Row)

Let’s talk about Mac Jones and his rushing yards. It’s a bit of a hot seat situation, you know? Quarterbacks on the edge often want to prove they’re ready to give it all for their team. Last week, we saw Derek Carr put up 14 rushing yards when he needed to step up.

Now, when I look at my projections, I’ve got Jones pegged for about 9 yards on the ground. That makes sense, considering he’s been averaging over 8 rushing yards for the season and an impressive 10.6 at home. Plus, here’s the interesting bit – he’s got a 4-1 track record of going over this mark against Buffalo.

But there’s a twist to the tale. Buffalo’s pass rush is no joke; they’re tied for the league lead in sacks. That means they’re going to chase Jones out of the pocket multiple times. And when that happens, it’s likely he’ll take off running.

So, when you’re eyeing this bet, it’s not just a hunch. It’s backed by numbers, patterns, and the reality that Jones is in the hot seat and will do whatever it takes to save is job! He might just surprise us with his legs in this game.




Vic Monte Sports – Saturday Night College Football Pick

San Diego State -11.5 vs. Nevada

Blog Picks (10-7-1) (4 wins in a Row)


We won’t sugarcoat it, the Nevada Wolf Pack isn’t exactly setting the world on fire, and they’re definitely in the running for one of the toughest seasons. Their defense is backstroking at 130th in scoring and a whopping 131st in yards per play allowed. And well, the offense, it’s just a tad better, not by much, though.

Starting the season with six losses, that’s a tough pill to swallow. What’s even more telling is that only one of those games was a nail-biter decided by less than 10 points. It’s been a bit of a rough ride.

Now, let’s talk about the San Diego State Aztecs. They broke out with a bang, scoring 41 points against a more formidable defense than the one they’re about to face. And here’s the kicker, they forced four turnovers, which is kind of their thing – they’re good at it.

Both of these teams entrust their offense to mobile quarterbacks, but the Aztecs, well, they just do it better. Jalen Mayden, the Aztecs’ QB, has been on fire, throwing for over eight yards per attempt in three of his last four games. He’s also taken a larger share of the running game, making him a real dual-threat.

Even though the Aztecs like to take things at a leisurely pace, they’ve managed to put up 41 points against Hawaii and 31 against Boise State. Nevada, on the other hand, hasn’t exactly been a brick wall on defense, and it’s unlikely to change in this matchup.

So, when you’re sizing up this game, it’s clear that the Aztecs are the ones holding the upper hand. They’re bringing a more potent offense, a knack for forcing turnovers, and a quarterback who knows how to get things done. Nevada’s in for a real challenge, to say the least. I Have the Aztecs Winning By 14 or More!

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Vic Monte Sports – Penn State / Ohio State Selection

Penn State +4.5 @ Ohio State


Get ready for a colossal Big Ten showdown between two of the nation’s top 10 teams. It’s the kind of game that kicks off early, with the crispness of fall in the air, and you can’t help but be drawn into it.

Now, here’s the scoop: Penn State has had a bit of a tough time against the Buckeyes, holding a 1-6 straight-up record since 2016. But this year, something feels different. This might just be the cream of the crop for the Nittany Lions in the James Franklin era. They’re a force to be reckoned with, allowing opposing offenses just a meager 72.5 rushing yards and less than 200 total yards per game. It’s like trying to break through a brick wall against them.

But the Buckeyes, well, they’re no slouch either. They’ve been scoring points, but not as efficiently as they used to, sitting at 54th in the nation in red zone scoring. And then there’s the little matter of injuries, including their top corner and wide receiver, Emeka Egbuka. With him out, Marvin Harrison Jr. is going to find himself double-teamed, which can really shake things up.

What’s more, when you look back, Penn State has been a pretty good bet against the spread when facing the Buckeyes, boasting a 6-1 record since 2016. They seem to have a knack for keeping things interesting.

So, when you’re thinking about this game, it’s not just a clash of titans; it’s a real chess match. A game where the Nittany Lions might just be ready to turn the tide, and the Buckeyes are dealing with their fair share of challenges. It’s going to be one for the books, my friend. Enjoy the show!


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Vic Monte Sports – Friday Night NHL Winner

Columbus Blue Jackets +126 vs Calgary Flames

Blog Picks (9-7-1) (3 wins in a Row)

Well, it’s like this, my friend. The Calgary Flames are in the midst of the classic back-to-back scenario – B2B, as they say in the biz. Now, they did manage to squeak out a 4-3 win in Buffalo on Thursday, but let’s face it, that game was faster than a cheetah chasing its morning coffee. So, we’re looking at some potentially tired legs on their part, which is no small matter.

Now, here’s the kicker – they’ve been on the road for four games straight. Four! That’s like living out of a suitcase, and you know how cranky that can make anyone. So, Calgary is kind of like that weary traveler who’s seen one too many airport lounges and is just looking for a comfy bed.

But then we’ve got Columbus. They’ve got a roster that’s got some real talent, but here’s the thing – it all boils down to the man between the pipes. Last year, their goaltending was, well, let’s call it atrocious. It was like trying to catch butterflies with a spaghetti strainer. But hold the phone, this season, Elvis Merzlikins is suddenly playing like a legend. His goals-against average is a jaw-dropping 1.84, and his save percentage is an unbelievable .950 through his first two games in 2023.

And, oh, here’s a nugget for you – their top defenseman, Zach Werenski, is expected to return to the ice after sitting out the past two games. It’s like Columbus is pulling out all the stops, including their big guns.

So, when you’re sizing up this game, there’s a lot at play. Tired Flames, a rejuvenated goaltender, and a star defender back in the mix for Columbus. It’s a real-life drama, my friend, with all the elements of a Hollywood blockbuster. I Will Take My Chances with the Blue Jackets at Plus 126 Odds!


Vic Monte Sports – NFL TNF Prop Pick

Taysom Hill (NOS) OVER 10.5 Rushing Yards

Blog Picks (8-7-1) (2 wins in a Row)


Look, tonight might just be the night when the Saints finally get their act together. Whether it’s Trevor Lawrence or C.J. Beathard calling the shots for Jacksonville, there’s a decent chance the Saints could be in the lead by the second half. And when that happens, guess who’s going to step up to the plate? You got it, Taysom Hill.

Hill’s the man you can count on, no matter how the game unfolds, but especially in the most likely scenario. There’s a reason they’ve invested in him – he’s their secret weapon.

Just to break it down for you, Hill has been running like a freight train, gaining 10 or more yards in pretty much every game, except for that one hiccup last week against Houston. He only had one carry in that game and picked up a measly 2 yards. But here’s the twist – he’s had a bit of downtime, and he’s revved up to take on a hefty workload in this short week.

So, when it comes to having faith in Hill, this game is the one to put your money on. He’s been prepped for this very moment, and my gut tells me he’s going to deliver some Saints magic tonight. Let’s light up a fat joint to that!


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Vic Monte Sports – Wednesday College Football Total

OVER 41.5 Florida International/Sam Houston State

Blog Picks (7-7-1)

Alright, let’s chat about this over/under of 41.5 points in the Florida International at Sam Houston State game. Now, I’ve got a bone to pick with this number because it’s giving way too much credit to Sam Houston’s non-conference performance.

When you dive into the Conference USA play, things look quite different. The Bearkats’ offense has shown more teeth, and their games have been averaging over 46 points per game. That’s a far cry from their non-conference action, which was stuck at a rather modest 25 points per game.

And here’s the kicker – FIU’s defense isn’t exactly a fortress. They’ve been pretty lenient when it comes to allowing explosive plays, which is like an open invitation to some good old-fashioned scoring.

Now, here’s the interesting bit: in every Florida International game this season, they’ve either reached or gone over the 41-point mark. This just can’t be ignored.

So, when you’re looking at that 41.5 point line, it might be a sly bet to go over it, considering all these factors. I am looking for a high-scoring showdown! OVER 41.5 FIU/Sam Houston!

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Vic Monte Sports – Tuesday NHL Winner

Colorado Avalanche -160 @ Seattle Kraken

Blog Picks (6-7-1)

Hey, let’s talk hockey for a sec. You’ve got the Colorado Avalanche at -160 in Seattle tonight, and there’s a lot more to this matchup than meets the eye. Last year, in the playoffs, the Kraken pulled off a David vs. Goliath act by knocking the Avalanche out of contention in seven nail-biting games. And here’s the kicker – six out of those seven games went under the total. It was like a defensive showdown.

Now, fast forward to this season. You better believe the Avalanche had this game circled in bright red on their calendar as soon as the schedule was announced. It’s their chance for some payback, a shot at redemption, and they’re not taking it lightly.

As it stands, Colorado has kicked off the 2023-24 season in style with a 2-0 record. They’re rolling, and they’ve got the firepower to make things happen. On the flip side, the Kraken haven’t been so lucky, starting the season with a 0-2 record.

In this showdown, the Avalanche have history, momentum, and a score to settle on their side. So, this is a bet you make with confidence and a little flutter in your gut. I am on the Avalanche with Revenge Tonight!

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Vic Monte Sports – Monday Night Football Prop Play

Quentin Johnston (LAC) OVER 31.5 Receiving Yards

Blog Picks (6-6-1)


As Monday night football approaches, the stage is set for a potentially electrifying moment in the Chargers’ passing game. With the unfortunate news of star wide receiver Mike Williams being sidelined for the remainder of the season and Josh Palmer nursing a nagging groin injury, it’s time for another player to step up and shine. That player could very well be Quentin Johnston, who seems poised for a breakout season.

In Week 4, during the game when Williams was sidelined just before the team’s bye week, Johnston’s route participation saw a significant spike. It skyrocketed from a mere 26% in the previous week to nearly 70%. This substantial increase in his role within the offense is a clear indication that the Chargers’ coaching staff sees something special in Johnston, and they are keen on unleashing his potential.

Now, let’s take a look at their upcoming opponent, the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys’ defense has shown a vulnerability in their pass coverage, having allowed at least two wide receivers to exceed this particular receiving total in each of their last three games. This presents an enticing opportunity for the Chargers’ passing game, with both Keenan Allen and Quentin Johnston being excellent candidates to capitalize on this weakness.

Johnston might just be the spark that ignites the Chargers to new heights. I’ll Take My Chances with the OVER 31.5 Yards

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Vic Monte Sports – NFL Sunday Prop Play

Raheem Mostert (Mia) OVER 77.5 Rushing Yards

Blog Picks (5-6-1)


In the last game against the Giants, Raheem Mostert and De’Von Achane had a pretty even split, with Mostert getting 10 carries and Achane taking 11. However, this week, things have taken an interesting turn. Achane is sidelined, and so is Jeff Wilson, leaving Mostert with a golden opportunity.

On Sunday, when they face Carolina, Mostert’s primary competition for carries will be Salvon Ahmed and Chris Brooks. Now, this is where it gets exciting. Mostert has the chance to be the workhorse in the backfield, and he’s shown in the past that he can be a game-changer.

But what really tilts the scales in Mostert’s favor is Carolina’s porous run defense. They’ve been giving up an average of 4.9 yards per carry, and that’s an open invitation for a running back like Mostert to feast.

So, if you’re looking for a solid bet this Sunday, keep an eye on Mostert. He’s in a prime position to dominate carries and take advantage of that Carolina defense. It’s a recipe for a big game and a solid fantasy football performance.

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Vic Monte – College Football Saturday Blog Pick

South Florida -3 vs. Florida Atlantic

Blog Picks (5-5-1)


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to witness the birth of a new rivalry as South Florida and Florida Atlantic go head to head, vying for the attention of potential recruits right here in the Sunshine State. It’s like a high-stakes game of chess, but with helmets and shoulder pads.

Now, let’s talk about South Florida’s rising star, freshman QB Byrum Brown. This kid’s like a fine wine, getting better with each game. In his last three outings, South Florida’s offense has been putting on a scoring clinic, putting up 42, 44, and 35 points respectively. I mean, it’s like watching a magician at work. Brown’s been dealing like a pro, completing a jaw-dropping 72 passes out of 106 attempts, racking up 1033 yards, seven touchdowns, and just a couple of hiccups in the form of interceptions.

On the other side of the field, we’ve got Florida Atlantic, who’ve been struggling to light up the scoreboard lately, managing only 61 points in their last four games. They’ve had their own drama with QB Casey Thompson, a seasoned starter at both Nebraska and Texas, but he’s out for the season with a torn ACL. Enter the backup, Daniel Richardson, a transfer from Central Michigan, who’s been having a hard time finding his groove, completing only 59% of his passes, averaging a mere 7 yards per pass, and throwing just two touchdowns while being a bit too generous with three interceptions.

Now, in this high-stakes showdown, it seems like the smart money is on the Bulls with a -2.5 spread. They’ve got the momentum, they’ve got the numbers, and they’ve got Byrum Brown, the young maestro. It’s a no-brainer.

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